Gaïus Kowene is a strategist uplifting people to a purpose driven life and organizing communities around causes greater than our individual selves. He thrives when having human-to-human interactions both in his journalism work and civil society volunteerism. He is currently working on building an online-offline vocational training centre for disadvantaged youth groups’ inclusion in civic participation.

Gaius Kowene at BBC studio in Dakar Senegal

From online coverage of several African Development Bank’s Annual Meetings to moderating a panel on the fight against corruption for the African Union, Gaïus spent most of his 10 year career working with influential global players. His portfolio includes, amongst others, the UNHCR, Oxfam,, Yole!Africa, etc.

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What I do


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Trained in Video journalism and Creative storytelling at the Radio Netherlands Training Center, I produce Hard news as well as feature radio, video & web stories. I’m a one-man-crew with a unique perspective.

SKILLS INCLUDE: Camera | Audio and Video Editing | Radio and TV Live Q&A | Podcasting | Writer | Smartphone / Mobile Journalism | Fixer / Field Producer


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With More than 7 years in PR and Media relations management, I help organizations plan and run successful campaigns online as well as offline. I help them produce a comprehensive and practical strategic communications plan.


Gaius Kowene battlefield Rwanda DRC border

I have done several researches for clients I can’t name here on various topics including but not limited to The State of Internet Freedom Africa report DRC section (2016 and 2017);  gathering and analyzing intelligence on a closed armed group in eastern Congo, DRC; understanding the media landscape to influence decision makers and international donors. Before all this, I was trained as an assistant researcher for the book Necessary Noise: Music, Film and Charitable Imperialism in Eastern Congo by Dr. Cherie Rivers Ndaliko, a book that won the 2017 Allen Merriam Prize for the most outstanding book in the field of Ethnomusicology.

SKILLS INCLUDE: Research | Risk Assessment | Intelligence Analysis | Due Dilligence | Monitoring and Evaluation



I can help you interpret voice overs, training / workshops, conferences and translate films, documents, promotional material and more. I translate from and to French, English and Swahili.

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Work Samples


This is a teaser with most of my radio reports in both French and English

Goma Fashion Show on the BBC

Listen to the full radio feature story here as broadcast on the BBC


Chenilles source de richesse RDC

Pour regarder la vidéo, cliquez sur ce lien

Reporting on the result of Senegal 2019 Presidential Elections. Start at 1’8″

Hip Hop, the Dream (Accra, Ghana, July 2016)

Déforestation en RDC


Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 00.48.59

Read the full article here on DW Deutsche Welle

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 00.38.36

Read full article here on One.Org

High cost of internet fabric DRC

Read the full article here on the BBC’s website

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I was part of the team Live Tweeting the African Development Bank’s Civil Society Forums during Annual Assemblies for years. See the tweet here on AfDB official Twitter account

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In September 2018, I moderated for the African Union a panel on the role of youth in the fight against corruption at a consultation in Dakar, Senegal. See original tweet here.

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