Press Corner

Stop Filming Us – a Joris Postema film

I appear in this film alongside other people from Goma, DRC

Stop Filming Us (English) from DOXY films.

#BloGoma: échange avec des blogueurs

La session de partage sur lation du nègre du champ et le nègre de la maison a eu lieu en Avril 2019 au centre Yolé!Africa, à Goma, RDC

#togetherwespeak – 2017 goma drc

As part of CIVICUS’ #TogetherWeSpeak Campaign in 2017, we brought together media practitioners and young people from marginalized groups to discuss their inclusion in media coverage.

peace or justice: a debate in goma drc

With the support of the African Court on Human and People’s Rights and Africtivistes, the league of African democracy web activists, we organized this discussion between academics, activists, a high ranking military justice official and young people.


With fellow activists from #BloGoma, we organized this training to introduce young people to mobile journalism. Buying video equipment is very expensive. However, with mobile phones that are affordable, we taught them how they can use them as a tool to produce content for their campaigns and advocacy actions. The training was conducted by French journalist Laurann Clément

a different approach to training

On behalf of Free Press Unlimited, I conducted a Storytelling training for journalists in Bamako, Mali. As they were expecting an ordinary boring training, they were surprised that they learned a lot while having fun, an experience that they said they will never forget.

Etre web-activiste en RDC, un combat risqué !

In this interview with Droit Libre TV, I talk about the risks web activists go through in eastern Congo, DRC.

Gaius Kowene, mondoblogueur

After being selected among the top francophone bloggers in a contest organized by Radio France International, I granted this interview to Marthe Le More for Mondoblog in 2013.