What I do


I was part of the first group that learned how to build and lead trusting teams from Vishen Lakhiani, CEO & founder of Mindvalley, the world’s biggest personal development company. I was also trained in Leadership Foundation at former US president Barack Obama’s YALI Regional Leadership Center in Nairobi, Kenya in 2016. I’m currently leading a multicultural team of journalists for the BBC’s french service radio BBC Afrique. In the past, I have done the same thing for the Intenational Civil Society Week, the Community of Bloggers from Goma BloGoma, etc.


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Trained in Video journalism and Creative storytelling at the Radio Netherlands Training Center in Hilversum,  I produce Hard news as well as feature radio, video & web stories. I can work as a one man crew or as part of a team with a cameraman and a producer.

SKILLS INCLUDE: DSLR Camera | Audio and Video Editing | Radio and TV Live Q&A | Podcasting | Writer | Smartphone / Mobile Journalism | Fixer / Field Producer


Use with written Permission

With More than 10 years in PR and Media relations management, I help organizations plan and run successful campaigns online as well as offline. I help them produce a comprehensive and practical strategic communications plan. In some instances, I have trained organizations comm team on how to achieve a specific target in their existing communications plan.


Gaius Kowene battlefield Rwanda DRC border

I have done several researches for clients I can’t name here on various topics including but not limited to The State of Internet Freedom Africa report DRC section (2016 and 2017);  gathering and analysing intelligence on an armed group in eastern Congo, DRC; understanding the media landscape to influence decision makers and international donors. Before all this, I was trained as an assistant researcher for the book Necessary Noise: Music, Film and Charitable Imperialism in Eastern Congo by Dr. Cherie Rivers Ndaliko, a book that won the 2017 Allen Merriam Prize for the most outstanding book in the field of Ethnomusicology.

SKILLS INCLUDE: Research | Risk Assessment | Intelligence Analysis | Due Diligence | Monitoring and Evaluation